Premier recording studio. Remarkable engineer who loves what he does, and it shows in his work ethic. Clean relaxing environment, always updated hardware/software. Amazing booth setup. Competitive prices (even though he doesn't need to compete because the quality is superior). Started going to this studio over 7 years ago. Have never needed a reason to go anywhere else.
Aaron aka Bigface
Sean is an excellent sound engineer. Very easy to work with and versatile with music. A very positive and professional environment. Sean definitely knows what he's doing!.
Lara Skye
I have had nothing but stellar results when working with Thurotype Studios. Glass (Sean) has always been there for me when I needed any type of audio help done whatsoever. He has recorded several of the voice actors in my upcoming film 'What The Mouse' and is currently working on mastering the audio for the film. I recommend Glass to everyone because he treats all of his projects with diligence, love, and care. He will work with any client's project until they are satisfied, no matter what it takes.
Jhonny Parks at Junk Artwork
Sean 'Glass' is the best producer in Connecticut in my opinion. Haven't looked back to work with anybody else since I have been working with him!! If you need good music created make sure you go see him!
Leighton-O'Brian Reynolds
Been working with Glass for about a year now. Hands down best engineer that I've ever worked with... great equipment, excellent quality & a comfortable working environment. If you enjoy making music this is the guy to make it with!!
Mikayel Z aka Scripture
I needed some engineering done on a couple of songs for my wedding on a very short notice and Sean came through in a clutch. He was highly recommended by a music producer friend of mine. I was very impressed with the quality of his work. It came out better than I could have imagined. The transitions were flawless. I don't usually right reviews but had to with this guy. Such a great personality and pleasure to work with. He made me feel like more of a friend than a client.
Ricky Saetta
I've Known Sean 'Glass' for about 2 years. I was introduced to him by my old management, Casey Write. The connection me and Glass share in the studio is irreplaceable. Glass knows how to make the studio comfortable like home. We know how to have fun, but get down to business when the times right. On top of his great personality, his talent and skill is remarkable. He knows how to turn my music into a work of art, as he knows my music like no one else. His character and morals have also greatly influenced my character today. Not only has he given me advice on my music career, but he has also helped me a lot with my personal life. Aside, our business relationship, Glass is a true friend
Elliot Smith
Glass is a hard worker! He helped me craft my sound with Auto-tune.
Shaborn Venner
Sean 'Glass' worked with me on 7 of my songs, as well as mixed and mastered my entire mix-tape. We have been working together for 7 months and his work is genius.
Destine Jackson
I've drove up to Thuro Type Studio in CT on 3 or 4 occasions from Long Island, NY to work with Sean. I am a song writer (Drummer, guitar player, bass player & singer). We started off on drum tracking and got them solid. He helped on tones (drum sounds were amazing!). Then we moved on to Guitar, I used a vintage Telecaster he had at the studio. We tracked bass together and he helped with the creative parts and detail. I would recomend Sean to engineer and produce a song over anyone, and I've worked with a lot of engineers in the past.
John Schott
Sean has been an artist since his inception. Not many people have the ability to take a beautiful thought and transform it into magical and comforting sound. Sean has harnessed technology to advantage and utilized contemporary music equipment better than the majority of other artists. One not need go further than a simple sample of Sean’s music which mesmerizes an individual when heard. Sean can take an old school feeling and implement the feeling into a futuristic setting. This is what sets him apart from the rest. Sean is continuously creative, innovative, driven, and relevant to growing technology and at the forefront of the artistic revolution.
Douglas Webb
I love Sean's work, he does incredible work in the studio during every session I do with him. Wonderful helper and instructor. I recommend any artist to go to him. .
Rory Roberts